Chris Rock

Chris Rock, the newly-minted Entitled Black Man, has assaulted Photographers, for whose attention he once prayed. It seems Chris took great umbrage with an inquiry regarding his dissing of The Tea Party, as “racist”.

The shouting, infantile, unfunny Rock has become a self-styled Spokes-Black for “Justice”, via the sinking ship captained by “Obama”. He hasn’t run the numbers, however. That particular “captaincy” is finished, and this scrawny Poser, like Spike Lee, is likewise barking up the wrong tree. African- Americans with any Integrity have seen the folly that is Obama and are re-assessing their future options. Chris Rock remains a Negro.

Even Minister Farrakhan can see what “Barack Obama” actually is, and like Malcolm X before him, he has also advised African-Americans to be entirely responsible for themselves, getting their paws out-of-the-air, and dropping the ‘White Man as The Problem’ tired, old routine. Rock might be relevant if he was amusing.

But like HIS Predecessor, Eddie Murphy, he is not. He ‘is, simply, a pampered Tiny Gangsta’, living a life of Fantasy.

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Hello world!

I don’t care what you think.


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